Workflow Automation


Photoshop Actions for Automator  v..9

Tiger's new Automator app is an exceptional workflow automation tool.

NRG Postal Tool Kit  v.1.5

The NRG Postal Tool Kit from NRG Software is designed to streamline the shipping workflow for FileMaker based order entry systems and shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS).


Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility  v.1.0

When Automator workflows are built to process files/folders as input, those files/folders will be processed as a batch, through the entire Automator workflow.

Cushy Stock

Cushy Stock is a photostock workflow automation program. This application allows you to simplify working with photostocks. It automates all stages of photographic preparations, stores stock information, gets financial info from microstocks, etc. Easy

Precurio  v.2

In a few words, Precuro is an easy to use, visually attractive, enterprise 2.0 intranet portal software with workflow automation and robust reporting. Precurio gives your organization a one point access to information and also helps you streamline

Q-flow  v.3.1 SP1

Q-flow is a full .NET Business Process Management Suite for Workflow automation in Business scenarios. This is a non-commercial license that will allow the installation of the complete product with no expiration and up to 10 users.

Approval Manager Express  v.2011

Approval Manager 2011 Express is the #1 Free Workflow Automation App for Online Proofing & Review.

Clipboard Scripts Lite  v.1.0

"Clipboard Scripts" are a group of AppleScripts designed to provide users with a quick and easy way to become more efficient in their everyday routines.

Folder Manager X  v.1.0.1

Folder Manager X is an AppleScript-based application that can be used to batch process folders, performing common repetitive tasks.

Mail to FileMaker Importer  v.2.14

Mail to FileMaker Importer is an AppleScript-based application that can be used to automatically import email data from Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Entourage into a FileMaker Pro database.

Display Person`s Groups  v.1.0

Display Person`s Groups is an AppleScript-based solution that can display the names of the groups assigned to selected people in Mac OS X's Address Book application.

Enable | Disable Mail Accounts  v.1.0.1

Enable | Disable Mail Accounts is an AppleScript-based solution that allows users to quickly enable or disable multiple accounts in Mac OS X's Mail application.

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